Benchtop Lab Organizers

Lab Organizers

AIS has invented a patented design for the ultimate in laboratory benchtop organization. 

The BLO™, benchtop laboratory organizer was designed to allow for the optimum use of bench space.

  • Save Bench Space, Organize Your Lab Equipment Vertically
  • Inexpensive Alternative to Increase Lab Space
  • Patented  Modular System
  • Assembles in Minutes
  • Easy to Modify
  • Never Outdated
  • Custom Designs Available

The following sizes are standard, and can be shipped from stock within a week. 

Please note that you can order custom sizes not listed.

Benchtop Lab Organizers:

Model 162018 16"Hx20"Dx18"W            Model 242018 24"Hx20"Dx18"W

Model 162024 16"Hx20"Dx24"W              Model 242024 24"Hx20"Dx24"W

Model 162032 16"Hx20"Dx32"W              Model 242032 24"Hx20"Dx32"W

Model 282018 28"Hx20"Dx18"W              Model 322018 32"Hx20"Dx18"W

Model 282024 28"Hx20"Dx24"W              Model 322024 32"Hx20"Dx24"W

Model 282032 28"Hx20"Dx32"W              Model 322032 32"Hx20"Dx32"W

Additional Shelves (listed by width size for 20" Deep): 18"W - 24"W - 32"W 

Additional Shelves/Legs (listed by width size for 20" Deep): 18"W -24"W - 32"W 

UVB-1 Valve Bracket:

CH-1 Column Holder:

MN-1 Mounting Nuts:

Drivers: HBD-1: ABW-1:AW-1:

Mounting Brackets: MB-1:(pkg. of 2)

Ask us about our customized lab carts for robots, etc.

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