AIS, Inc. has the most innovative electrochemical products to fulfill all of your electro-analytical needs. Whether you are doing analytical method development or teaching an instrumental analysis course, AIS has the right product for the right price. AIS specializes in the portable instrument area, providing electrochemical instruments for environmental research. Our instruments have been in the most extreme environments on earth. AIS Inc. is unparalleled in applications support for analytical electrochemistry give us a call.

The following is a brief description of the electrochemical products which AIS, Inc. offers, for more information please contact the factory directly through e-mail, phone or fax.



Snaptrode™ Patent Pending

AIS, Inc. is proud to introduce the first renewable wire voltammetric electrode!  Unlike screen printed electrodes, the Snaptrode™ is a real wire electrode, allowing for classic voltammetric analysis.  Just snap the electrode at the desired mark, and you have a new, clean working electrode surface.

DLK-70 Web-Pstat™ Portable Electrochemical Analyzer (Patent Pending)


This new Web-Pstat™ electrochemical analyzer allows the user complete access from anywhere on the planet.  This instrument was designed for general analytical electrochemistry with environmental scientist in mind.  This instrument can be used in a variety of ways to accomplish any electro-analytical  task at hand.  This instrument is designed for lab use and is totally portable on a single 12 volt battery.  System at left has wireless option.

Basic Specifications:


Compliance:        +/- 8 volts @ 300 mA

Current Range:    1 nA  to 250 mA

All standard voltammetric techniques supported including: dc, sampled dc, normal pulse, differential pulse, square wave voltammetry, including all stripping techniques and new galvanostatic experiments.  The instrument also includes new techniques used in microbial fuel cell research.

AIS Corr-1 Corrosion Cell (Patent Pending)

This new corrosion cell allows the user to perform basic corrosion analysis in a newly designed cell systems that costs less than $1000.00!  Removal of the sample is easy using a sample system that is unbreakable!  Contact AIS for further details.

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