In-Situ Instrumentation

At AIS, Inc., we are committed to constantly improving our products with innovative ideas.  Our current in-situ patent pending electrochemical analyzer the ISEA - IV allows the researcher to collect data in real time or left unattended for collecting data over a long period of time.  

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AIS, Inc. has just developed a new portable electrochemical / HPLC system that can be deployed at full ocean depth.  The instrument can also be used on land to perform fracturing fluid analysis in real time.

To the left is a lander instrument for in-situ electrochemical research of the sediment on the sea floor.  The AIS ISEA IV allows researchers to collect valuable data on oxygen, sulfide, iron and manganese to name a few in extreme field applications.


An AIS, Inc. controlled electrochemical probe used to analyze hydrothermal vent chemistry. 

Our Micro-Observatory allows the user to collect data simultaneously from a variety of sensors. Voltammetric, potentiometric, and amperometric data, along with other sensor data, can all be collected at the same time. 

The user can access the instrument from multiple platforms over the internet, facilitating easy data downloads and instrument control. 

This instrument has been used in field applications in areas such as marshes, salt or fresh water columns, ocean sediments, geysers in Yellowstone, Antarctic glaciers, and at deep-sea hydrothermal vents. Well monitoring and chemical synthesis monitoring in laboratory or industrial settings can also be easily performed with this system. 

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