Micro Observatory

The new AIS Web Micro Observatory was designed to collect accurate and precise measurements from a variety of sensors.  This ability allows the user to put together whatever sensors that are required to monitor any environment. 


The latest AIS Web Micro Observatory is a cutting edge patent pending instrument capable of collecting data from potentiometric, amperometric, conductivity, photo, thermocouples, RTD's, and any type of  sensors.  The instrument can do this in any combination of 25 sensors in all.  Since the instrument is a network based system the instrument can be easily multiplexed with a simple network hub.

The instrument has optional wireless capability and can be used to communicate longer distances with our radio systems.

The instrument has the following sensor inputs from the front panel: 

9 High Impedance Electrometers

3 Conductivity Meters

3 Photo-Current Meters

3 K-Type Thermocouple Amplifiers

The instruments' rear panel has:

7 Low or High Impedance Auxiliary Electrometers can be configured as needed.

Instruments are available for laboratory use and field.  Field instruments can come in a variety of configurations for the any environment.  

 In-situ application of the AIS Web Micro Observatory at the Rio Tinto River site in southern Spain.

Basic Instrument Specifications:

High Impedance Electrometers

Input Range (single-ended or differential):           +/- 8000 mV

Resolution:                                         24 bit, 1 uV per bit

Input Bias Current:                           < 20 pA at 75°C     (< 5 pA typical)

Accuracy:                                           +/- 25 uV +/- 0.2% of reading

Conductivity Meters

Range:                                                100,000 uS ~ 1 uS

Resolution:                                        < 0.003% of reading

Accuracy (uncalibrated):                +/- 5%

Photo-Current Meters

Range:                                                 0 ~ 8 mA

Resolution:                                        1 nA per bit

Accuracy (uncalibrated):                +/- 25 nA +/- 0.2% of reading

K-type Thermocouple Amplifiers

Range:                                                 - 200°C ~ + 750°C

Resolution:                                        1,000 bits per °C

Accuracy (uncalibrated):                User Calibration Required

Low Impedance Aux Voltmeters (high impedance optional)

Input Range:                                      +/- 8000 mV

Resolution:                                        1 uV per bit

Input Resistance:                             100 kΩ

Accuracy:                                           +/- 25 nA +/- 0.2% of reading

AIS SmartSensors™ are in development and will be available soon available. 

                                                     Specifications subject to change without notice.    

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