The picture below shows the family of fiber optic light sources available from AIS.  Analytical Instrument Systems, Inc. has developed a High Power, High Performance and High Precision power supplies for use with fiber optic spectrometer systems.  These instruments have a built in highly stabilized microprocessor system designed for optimum stability.  

  • Model  D-1000CE                     Fiber Optic UV Source Range 190 - 410 nm
  • Model  D-1000CE-S                 Fiber Optic UV Source with electronic shutter
  • Model  D-1000REM                  D-1000 power supply with remote optics head            

Dual Sources:

  • Model  DT-1000CE                   Dual Fiber Optic UV/VisSource Range 190 to 850 nm
  • Model  DT-1000CE-S               Dual Fiber Optic Source with electronic shutter
  • Model  DT-1000CE-REM         Dual Fiber Optic Source with aperture wheel



  • Model  DCUV-1                          UV cuvette holder
  • Model  DTEL-1                           Telescopic attachment for fiber optic bundles
  • Model  DFLO-1                           Flow cell for HPLC or FIA, dead volume < 10 ul
  • Model  D-1000CE-B                  Replacement deuterium bulb for D-1000 system
  • Model  DT-1000CE-B                Replacement deuterium bulb for DT-1000 system
  • Model  DT-1000CE-BT             Replacement tungsten bulb assembly for DT-1000CE 
  • Model  DT-1000-BT-non-CE   Replacement tungsten bulb for DT-1000 non CE system

All systems have these basic specifications (with Patented Designs):

Wavelength Range:                        190 - 410 nm (D-1000); 190 - 850 nm (DT-1000)

Window Material:                             UV glass 0.4 mm thick

Lamp Lifetime (min):                      1000 hours UV,  250 - 500 hours tungsten halogen

Aperture Size:                                  0.5 mm at lamp or 2.0 mm for combination units, Remote heads                       have 0 to full open adjustment

Filter Size:                                         Optional Standard filters 50mm x 50mm glass, One filter on D-1000 / DT-1000 units, Up to four filters on Remote Head Assembly

Power Consumption:                     30 W

Lamp Voltage:                                 85 V dc, nominal

Lamp Current:                                 300 mA dc (+/- 1mA)

Warm-up Time:                                30 seconds

Timing:                                               Microprocessor based

Inputs:                                                Trigger inputs for:  Deuterium Lamp on /off, Tungsten on / off, Shutter open / close

Outputs:                                             Status Levels for:  Main power, Deuterium Heater filament on / off, Deuterium lamp, on / off,  Tungsten Lamp, on / off, Shutter open / close

Power Requirements:                     120 V ac at 0.50 A, 50/60 Hz 220 V ac at 0.25 A, 50/60 Hz 100V ac at 0.60 A, 50/60 Hz 240V ac at 0.20 A, 50/60 Hz 6/98

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